Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 30, 2009 Fires in New Harmony

Thank you to the fire fighters, on the ground and in the air who worked so hard to save New Harmony. I can't imagine battling a flame in 100+ degree windy weather.

This picture really dosen't show the fire in all it's fury. We like many of our neighbors watched from our property as hundreds of acres were burned. We watched the fire move closer, and closer,

We are happy to say we survived the fire of August 2009, I am sad to say some families were not so fortunate. So far 3 homes in New Harmony proper were lost to the fires on the night of Sat. August 29th when the controlled fire on Pine Valley Mountain, was blown out of control and headed toward the town. The town was evactuated, and the next day everyone west of the 15 was put on notice to be ready to evacuate (that included us). We never had to leave but there were some tense times as Rick and I watched the fire from our porch.

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Oremites said...

Nice fire mom, but that was in August! Where's your new posts??? I thought you were gonna stay on top of this.
Haha, love you!